Amani Mohsen: RYLA

February 26, 2016 7:30 am - 8:30 am


Amani Mohsen, who will assume the leadership of District 7490’s Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) program this spring, speaking of the relocation of this year’s from Indian Head Camp in Honesdale, Pa. to New Jersey City University in Jersey City. Listening is Dr. Gregory S. Liss, who will mentor the program over the next two years.

Dr. Gregory S. Liss, a member of the Passaic Valley/Little Falls Rotary Club and the coordinator of the District's Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA)Program, introduced Amani Mohsen, who, he said, will assume the leadership of the program while he serves as a mentor of the program for the next two years.

Noting that she is an alumna of the program, having participated in it as a high school student in 1999, Amani announced that the program will undergo changes, with this year’s program taking place at New Jersey City University in Jersey City on June 26 – 29. The program has previously been conducted in the first week of June at Indian Head Camp in Honesdale, Pa.

In scheduling this year’s RYLA program for late June, Amani said, Rotary was responding to the concerns of school districts that students would be away from school for a week, especially during a time when they would ordinarily be preparing for final exams. By the time this spring’s program begins, she said, final examinations will have been completed and most schools will have closed for summer vacation.

Because of the new location for this year’s program, Amani said, a maximum of 90 students, both junior and seniors, will be able to participate in RYLA this spring. She asked that the class be evenly divided between boys and girls, but she added, the program will accept any eligible participant. She is hoping, Amani said, that next year’s program, which would also presumably take place at NJCU, can be expanded to include up to 120 participants.

The cost of participation, Amani said, will be $475.00 per student, with all applications and forms needed for the program due by April 1.

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