Charlotte Bennett Schoen: Global Human Rights Issues

May 15, 2015 7:30 am - 8:30 am
Charlotte Bennett Schoen ​serves at Rotary District 7490 chair Peace and Conflict Resolution (2012-15).  She recently returned from Yangon, Burma, where she worked for a local NGO (non-governmental organization.)  It was the ​fourth​  year that Bennett Schoen has worked with an NGO in South East Asia.
At the presentation, Charlotte will focus on Burma since it is so much in the world news regarding human rights and emerging democracy. Charlotte's work assignment in Burma focused on peace ​building training, linking the concepts with ​Interact Rotary projects. Charlotte​'s global justice assignments ​began in 2011 in Lucknow, India and ​continued in Chiang Mai,Thailand in 2012, arranged through AJWS (American Jewish World Service). ​Her placement in Burma was not arranged through an organization, but came about through research and ​her networking with Sophie Stone of Paramus Rotary Sunrise.  Projects in India included working with women being trained as Community Change Agents
Projects in Thailand included working at a well established agency that advocated for human rights, education and health care on behalf of sex workers, many of whom were migrants.  Charlotte will explain the difference between 'sex workers' and 'trafficking'. Charlotte served on the ​Englewood City Council for six years​, including Council President​.

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