Dr. James Meltzer

October 13, 2017 7:30 am - 8:30 am
Just how terrible styrofoam is for the environment has prompted Dr. Jimmy Meltzer, a Leonia resident and father, an attending physician in the Division of Pediatric Emergency Medicine at the Department of Pediatrics of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, to join with the recently formed Leonia Action Alliance and the Borough’s Environmental Commission in order to press for the local abandonment of styrofoam use and sales.
With local grassroots backing, Dr. Meltzer has already advocated successfully before the Leonia Board of Education that styrofoam products such as lunch trays, flatware, and cups be replaced by material that is, unlike styrofoam, readily biodegradable and recyclable. Anna C. Scott Elementary School stopped using styrofoam lunch trays on October 2, and the Leonia Middle and High Schools will cease using them by 2018.
Dr. Meltzer’s discussion of the science and the cause comes a week before the Saturday, October 21, “Styrofoam Drive” which will take place at Leonia’s Wood Park/Library Parking Lot from 10am-3pm. The town’s residents are requested to bring whatever styrofoam they have, rinsed clean if it has been soiled, to the collection site so that it can be sent to a plant for reuse as packaging material. Sadly, this is the extent of what can be done with used styrofoam so that it has a second life before it enters the trash stream and remains detrimental to the environment for the following 500 years. Paper shredding will be available for free at this public collection as well, as will new recycling bins for Leonia households that haven’t yet received theirs.

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