Matt Latham: The Evolving State of Libraries

September 18, 2015 7:30 am - 8:30 am

In today's world, libraries are breaking new ground on how people traditionally perceive libraries. Libraries still provide the same access to books, research assistance and study space you remember. However, now libraries are moving forward with providing access to digital materials of all kinds, offering unique events and educational classes, and even moving forward on technologies like 3D printing, circuitry design and computer coding. The Leonia Library is embarking on this innovative route in all of these areas, and specifically on the creation of the new Leonia Library Makerspace. This 'makerspace' will provide access to a 3D printer, circuit kits, computer coding training, sewing machines, a button making machine, and much more. We will be offering both free access to these tools for the community to use as well as monthly hands-on workshops using these different tools and topics. This initiative is one of several new directions the Leonia Library is taking in order to provide new and unique services to the Leonia community. Other initiatives include increased programs and workshops for kids, teens and adults which include career workshops, technology training, summer concerts and open-mics, STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) programs for teens and kids, and more.

Join me as I discuss the new directions libraries are taking, how we are meeting new challenges, and libraries are evolving to provide services you may not expect. My name is Matt Latham and I am the new Director of the Leonia Public Library. I worked previously as an adult services librarian at the Hoboken Public Library (HPL). At HPL, I built one of the first library makerspaces in the state of NJ, built a mobile computer lab and taught computer training in over a dozen courses, and create a robust series of monthly programs for adults that included things like Home Beer Brewing, Bread Baking, Chocolate Making, Intro to Soldering, and much more.

I am currently an elected member of the New Jersey Library’s Executive committee, former President of the NJLA Reference Section. I have also given talks at library conferences and workshops on topics ranging from makerspaces to technology in libraries to bringing 20 and 30 year olds into libraries.

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