Scott Fisher: Author & Authority on North Korea

March 13, 2015 7:30 am - 8:30 am

Scott Fisher is the author of Work Hard for the Kims: An introduction to North Korean history, ideology, and culture through the country's propaganda posters and Axis of Evil World Tour, a travelogue on his time in Iran, Iraq, and North Korea. See his Amazon page here.

Scott has been studying, researching and writing on North Korea for 20 years, including time with Georgetown University and the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon. Scott lived in South Korea for 15 years, earning a degree in Korean Studies from Seoul National University and working as a professor of Korean-English translation at multiple universities in Seoul.

Locally, Scott is a resident of Leonia with his wife Marisa, a member of the Leonia Volunteer Fire Department, and a PhD student in Global Affairs at Rutgers University.

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