Tamarha Ellerbe, Pres. Teaneck Rotary & Sam Davis Foundation: DR/Haiti Burn Care Network

January 22, 2016 7:30 am - 8:30 am

(Sam Davis President and Founder, Teaneck Rotary President Tamarha Ellerbe , District Governor Peter Wells)

Tamarha Ellerbe is current President of Teaneck Rotary. Haitian born and raised, Tamarha became involved with Sam Davis Foundation project for DR/Haiti Burn Care Network. Having lived in Haiti and working in healthcare, Tamarha understands the importance of caring for burns and the dangers of fire associated with using a “rechaud” in everyday home cooking. These devices have no barriers to protect children often playing nearby as they are being used to cook food.

In addition, millions of Haitians live on less than $2 a day. Safe home construction is simply unaffordable. Over 85% of Haitian buildings are constructed with either cement, earth, “ clisse” which are “sticks, twigs and branches”, bricks or stone. Contractors and builders often cut corners in construction, reducing costs by using easily available building materials such as limestone dust and unrefined sand, which produce a cheaper but weaker concrete which does not help the home stand up to fires.

“Sam is a board certified civil trial lawyer. He has worked with burn survivors with serious injuries for over thirty years. He has also developed innovative techniques for demonstrating the cause and origin of fires caused by defective products. Sam has also done extensive research on the medical, surgical and psychological implications of burn injuries. As a senior lecturer to the Department of Surgery at Columbia Presbyterian and the American College of Trial Advocacy, Sam draws from his connections to the legal and medical world in order to help civilian and military burn survivors. Sam enjoys spending his time volunteering at burn camps and developing growth strategies so that they may serve greater numbers of children.”

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