Lucy Aranda, Friday January 20, 2017 7:30-8:30am

This week’s speaker is Lucy Aranda who is a current Peace Corps volunteer working in the Maternal and Child Health project in Guatemala. Her two year service began in June of 2016, after two months of in-country training where she focused on language and cultural emersion as well as learnt what was expected of her as a Peace Corps volunteer working in a health center in a rural Guatemalan community. Her main responsibilities are to work with health center staff on capacity building in maternal and child health care services as well as work directly in the community with pregnant women and mothers of children under five years old. Women and children in Guatemala face many health issues including high rates of chronic malnutrition, high rates of maternal and infant mortality, large family sizes due to lack of family planning and poor sanitation in the home. She works along side health center personnel to address these issues through a variety of sustainable projects, using locally available resources and respecting her communities’ cultural customs. Working in the health center is just one part of her role as a Peace Corps volunteer. She is also responsible for sharing her American culture with Guatemalans and sharing Guatemalan culture with people back home in the United States. By doing so, she is helping to bridge the gap between two countries with distinct traditions, histories and cultures and promote a greater understanding between its peoples to recognize that we are much more similar to one another than we are different. After Peace Corps, she’d like to continue her career in public health by obtaining her masters degree and eventually working in reproductive and population health on a global level.

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