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An Update From Kenya

The Rotary Club of The Palisades sponsors two girls attending high school in Kenya. In the girls’ community, girls rarely have the opportunity to attend school. We recently received an update:

Elizabeth and Laurween were at home and not attending school from March 2020 to January 2021 due to the COVID19 pandemic. They are both now back at school. Laurween will graduate in May this year and Elizabeth will graduate May 2022.

Here is a photograph of Elizabeth helping to distribute food to the hungry and needy of her community. Good job, Elizabeth!

Elizabeth helps distribute food to the hungry.
Elizabeth helps distribute food to the hungry.

Kishermorauk School’s First College Graduate

The club’s Kenya School Lunch Program is a portion of a larger project led by led by Jerry Kallman of the Rotary Club of Ridgewood, NJ and based out of the Kishermorauk Primary School. After primary school, Jerry and others have raised funds to send students onto various high schools. The project is now seeing its first high school graduates who have gone on to college. This year Jerry proudly announced the very first college graduate to come out of Kishermorauk.

The graduate is Kelvin, who graduated with a degree in
International Relations. He is pictured here at his graduation on Saturday, December 8, 2018, with a gift for Jerry and Jerry’s wife Lorraine. Also in the picture is his grandmother (center), who Jerry once met at the school. Kelvin’s mother died several years ago, and sadly, his father died on the Wednesday before his graduation on Saturday. The other woman in the photograph is Mercy Mburu, a Kenya citizen hired by two Rotary Clubs working in Kenya to assist with the administration of several programs. For instance, with our club’s Hot Lunch Program, Mercy oversees all the purchasing of food, etc.

Congratulations Kelvin!

Kishermorauk School's First College Graduate

100 Years of Rotary in Puerto Rico

100 Years Of Rotary in Puerto Rico

Palisades member Hal Rifkin (right) visited Puerto Rico for a video shoot which coincided with Puerto Rico’s 100 year anniversary of Rotary on the island. At the celebrations was Rotary International President, Barry Rassin, second from left.

Memorial Day 2018

Rotary Club of The Palisades

Club members represent Rotary at the 2018 Memorial Day parade in Leonia.

Banner Exchange with Club Rotario Bonao

Club Rotario Bonao

Club member Rory Sutherland visited the Dominican Republic and on Monday, April 2, attended the local Rotary club’s meeting, presenting a banner to their club president.

Project Zero Cavities Update

Dr. Eugenio de Jesus continues to see the students of Centro Educativo Rafael Tomas Diaz Arias school every Thursday morning. With members of the Rotary Club of Bonao (Club Rotario Bonao), he organized a parents days event at the school where he educated the parents on the importance of dental hygiene at home. A bouncy castle was brought in to occupy the children. Here are photographs of the event.

Rotary: Project Zero Cavities

Rotary: Project Zero Cavities

Rotary: Project Zero Cavities

Rotary: Project Zero Cavities

Edgewater, Leonia, Palisades Park