Vicky Li, Friday- Feb 17, 2017 7:30-8:30am

In July of 2015, Vicky Li, Founding President of the Rotary Club of The Palisades, had the honor and privilege of accompanying Jerry and Lorraine Kallman on their almost-annual trek to Kenya. Although a significant portion of the trip was devoted to safaris and marveling at the wonders of nature on wildlife preserves (a MUST for everyone’s bucket list!), an equally important segment included a visit to the Kishermorauk Obama Primary School on the Maasai Mara Reserve.

Since July 2008, the development of this school has been underwritten by the Ridgewood Rotary Club, primarily through the unfailing efforts of Jerry Kallman. Among the many projects he initiated was a hot lunch program for the students, many of whom live miles from the school making it impossible to complete the trek home on foot and return in time for afternoon classes. And for some, even if they live close by, there often is little nutritious food to eat at home. In 2010, our fledgling club, the newly formed Rotary Club of The Palisades, decided to partner with the Ridgewood Club by supplying funds for the hot lunch program; since then,  our club has contributed $3,890 toward this undertaking. This project, in conjunction with our local Weekend Snack Pack Program, is the club’s way of providing nutritious meals to needy children, both internationally and domestically.

Through this slide presentation, Vicky will offer a glimpse into the school lives of these Maasai students. She will also show that in spite of the adversities they face, these children laugh, sing, dance, learn—and harbor hopes and dreams of a better future.

Day 7 K School

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